Global Action Against Enforced Disappearances

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August 30th this year marks the 25th anniversary of the International Day of the Disappeared. To highlight this special event, the ICAED will send an appeal letter together with a photo publication to heads of State around the world to urge them to ratify and implement the UN Convention against enforced disappearances. The Convention, which was adopted in 2006, is a robust tool for prevention, investigation and prosecution of this serious human rights violation. The need for this Convention in essence is very simple. Enforced disappearances have been carried out by regimes all over the world from the World War II until today. People need to be better protected from this crime. The existing legal protection mechanisms were simply not enough; they contained a lot of gaps and ambiguities, resulting in inadequate prevention and protection. For the new Convention to realise its full potential and legal force, it needs to be ratified by more countries than the current four (Albania, Argentina, Honduras and Mexico).

Take action to fight the most terrifying human rights violation and help us make the UN Convention a reality!

Sign our appeal letter to signal your endorsement for the imminent ratification of the UN Convention against enforced disappearances. You can find the letter on

Join us to honour the disappeared! On August 30 different commemoration events will take place all around the world. See your website for an up-to-date list.

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