CEDLA Master Latin American Studies

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The CEDLA Master’s Programme (CMP) offers a multi-disciplinary Master of Arts graduate degree programme in Latin America Studies, and is given in English. The education programme is closely connected to the research programme of CEDLA. The CMP lasts 15 months and includes 75 European credits (ECs).

From the perspective of different disciplines, attention is given to the most important issues in the region, including the characteristics of the Latin American continent, and the manner in which recent processes of globalisation have changed the living conditions of the inhabitants. The CMP has three broad, comprehensive themes: integration and sustainable development; culture and identity; democratisation, authoritarianism and citizenship.

Building upon their previous education and geared to their future plans, students can specialise in themes that are of particular interest to them through their choice of courses and research projects. Carrying out independent research in Latin America is also an important component.

The CMP tuition of 2011-2012 is € 2650 for the entire study. Students who successfully earn 40 ECs within the set time limit are eligible for a research grant of € 1000 for expenses incurred during research in Latin America.

The CEDLA Master’s Programme of Latin American Studies is a post-initial master’s, and has been accredited by the NVAO. It is registered with the Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) (Central Register of Higher Educational Schooling). By participating in the CMP, students are (possibly) entitled to a student loan and the use of the OV-kaart (public transport card) of the IB-group/DUO (not the performance grant).


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