The conversation about understanding history and colonialism around the world is changing. Today, historic Palestine is in focus. The settler-colonial history has developed into a present of supremacy, segregation and extreme violence. Strange enough, in the Netherlands organizations supporting the Palestinian cause seemed to be censored on this issue. ‘The Palestine Exception to Free Speech’ is a global phenomenon, meaning that free speech is endorsed about all subjects, with one exception: Palestinian human-rights. Even on Amsterdam campuses, students and teachers have been censured on this issue. The documentary followed by a talk investigates who’s behind silencing free-speech. Why? How? And how can the global community go forward with solidarity for a future with equal rights for all?


With amongst others
– Yasmin Ahmed | Studenten voor Rechtvaardigheid in Palestina (SRP)
– Dino Suhonic | Executive Director Maruf Foundation
– Lydia de Leeuw | Researcher at The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO)
– Sheher Khan | Politicoloog (focus geopolitiek in islamitische wereld)
– Jazie Veldhuyzen | Duoraadslid Amsterdam BIJ1

With the legacy of Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestinians” – We investigate the South-African route to democracy and learn about today’s different obstacles and realities. The resistance to equality and democracy for Israel/Palestine is fierce. How can we learn from the South-African global solidarity to help the case of Israel/Palestine? What other strategies and solidarity is needed today? And Mandela again: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

This event is part of the ‘Week Tegen Racisme / Week Against Racism’. On March 21 we organize a festival ( and on March 23th there’s a national demonstration (

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