Week Tegen Racisme. Racism In Dutch Schools

- Pakhuis de Zwijger

Credits: Neonbrand

What can parents or guardians do when racism is institutionalized as part of the lessons and events in their children’s school? Think of systemic low rate school advise for children of color, racist traditions, or stereotypes in curricula, text books and class rooms. Join us for presentations and discussions together with parents, school principals, teachers and researchers who have been confronting and working against institutionalized racism in Dutch schools. Expect anti-racist educational tips & resources, a poetry performance and a lively conversation.


With amongst others
– Jerry King Luther Afriyie | Initiatiefnemer Zwarte Piet is Racisme, Soul Rebel Movement & Nederland Wordt Beter
– Bryel Kerkhoff | PhD, Freelance onderzoeker, community organizer en voorzitter European Race & Imagery Foundation
– Patricia Schor | PhD, Lecturer at Amsterdam University College and activist
– Basema Sll | Cultural Mediator and Adviser specialized in Gender and Refugees
– Alina Bijl | youth activist and member of Women’s March The Netherlands
– Carl HD Steinmetz | Managing Director Expats & Immigrants B.V.

The moderator of this event is: Gloria Holwerda-Williams

This event is part of the ‘Week Tegen Racisme / Week Against Racism’. On March 21, we organize a festival(https://dezwijger.nl/programma/festival-samen-tegen-racisme) and we close the week on March 23th when there’s a national demonstration (http://21maartcomite.nl/?p=870).

19/3 | Free admission | Reserve your spot here: https://dezwijger.nl/programma/racism-in-dutch-schools

The event is organised in collaboration with International Anti Racism Group (INARG)

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