Understanding Latin America Today


This multidisciplinary course introduces students to the field of Latin American Studies. The course is designed for students who have not yet followed lectures on Latin America.

The lectures cover important historical, cultural, social, economic and political developments and are taught by different teachers at CEDLA. They cover developments at regional, national and local level as well as Latin America’s connections with the rest of the world. Both urban and rural development trends are discussed. In addition to lectures with a general content, there are also a few lectures on specialized topics. The course can be combined with other CEDLA courses, and merged into a minor in Latin American studies.

Course lecturer: Dr. Barbara Hogenboom (coord.) and CEDLA professors
Tel. 020 525 3383, b.b.hogenboom@cedla.nl
Period: 4 September – 27 October 2017
Time: Monday 15:00 – 17:00 hours and Friday 11:00 – 13:00 hours
Course load: 6 EC

+ Information: http://cedla.uva.nl/30_courses/BA/BA1.html

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