About the webinar

Unstable prices, unfair practices, climate change, and the pandemic are factors that cause agrarian distress. It is very difficult to withstand these challenges. But this is the reality for a lot of the farmers supplying our coffee. How can we assure they are treated fairly?

In this episode of Trace Talks, we will explore the what, why and how of tracing supply chains back to the farmer through a current Trace Project. Trabocca will share their experience and expectations of using the blockchain tool Trace to realise fair living wages and incomes for their coffee farmers in Ethiopia in a period of only 5 years, and Simon Lévelt will explain their motivation for partaking in this project. ​​​​​​​

What you will learn:

  • Why are transparancy and traceability in food supply chains important?
    We will discuss the potential of blockchain technolgy in the agri food sector.
  • How does one tackle living income & living wages in their supply chain?
    Trabocca will discuss their experiences with Trace so far.
  • What value could a fair supply chain give your company?
    We will discover why Simon Lévelt decided to join Trabocca in their mission.