How can we connect Spring House members that are involved in projects that combat climate change? That is what we want to find out during the Spring House Klimaattop on the 1st of November. There are lots of members that are engaged in initiatives that strive for clean and renewable energy, energy saving or energy efficiency. At the Spring House Klimaattop we want to inspire and motivate each other with stories about existing projects and find out how we can join forces and take climate action. Eventually we will come up with new, creative ideas for a greener and cleaner world.

At this climate summit, STBY will host a workshop in which we will put all our creativity together to find out how design can provide everyone with clean energy. This workshop is part of the Clean Energy Challenge of What Design Can Do. As the research partner of WDCD, STBY did design research on clean energy and formulated five clean energy challenges. The challenges are part of a global competition that calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to rethink how we produce, distribute and use energy in metropolitan areas in relation to food, mobility, housing and waste.

Prior to the workshop, four Spring House members and one Spring House friend will give inspiring talks about clean and green projects and initiatives. Join the Spring House Klimaattop (15:30 – 19:30) and listen to wonderful stories of:

    • Nora van der Linden (Kennisland) about how organisations can make a difference within their own sustainability policy
    • Tessa de Geus (Kennisland) about the Amsterdam Smart City Network
    • Mark Charmer about the Stockholm Act Principles
    • Rolinka Kattouw about the project ‘Klimaatneutraal’ of the municipality of Amsterdam
    • Zinzi Stasse about how to involve citizens in the energy transition

At the Spring House Klimaattop we will look for solutions on emerging energy issues for five cities, namely: Amsterdam, São Paulo, México City, Nairobi, and Delhi. Join the Spring House Klimaattop if you are eager to participate in the workshop, want to hear inspiring stories about green and clean initiatives of other members, and want to connect actions that we already take within Spring House. Together we can find solutions that are innovative, practical, and scalable. No experience in design needed. Bring your climate action partners and friends along!

Contact Nina ( or Bas ( for more information or suggestions for the Klimaattop.