Proactive Fundraising Training


Do you know which donors could be a match for your programs or how to approach donors that do not accept unsolicited proposals? Have you worked on your elevator pitch? 

Combining practice with theory, this training gives you the recipe to identify and build lasting relationships with donors that are relevant to your organization. It also equips you with the key elements of a perfect pitch, tailored to different settings.

Session 1 : Donor Profiling

An important and often neglected step in the fundraising process is to strategize on how to best get in touch with top prospect donors with whom you have not yet established a relationship. Making a thorough analysis of these top prospect donors will increase chances of building a relationship and getting closer to funding.

A few questions that we will address in this session:

  • What funding trends do we foresee with the donor in the coming years?
  • How to deal with donors that do not accept unsolicited proposals?
  • Who to target within the foundation?

Participants will experience that donor profiling is an art that can be mastered, resulting in higher conversion rates from ‘cold prospects’ to ‘warm prospects’.

3hrs. 30min.

Session 2 : Voluntary Presentation Session

Homework assignments will be presented by each trainee and discussed with the trainer and other participants. You will get feedback on your work, improve your presentation skills and learn from your peers!

3hrs. 30min.

Session 3 : Donor Positioning & Relationship Building

Once a relationship is established with a prospect donor, another crucial phase of fundraising starts. The relationship needs to be monitored and nurtured to work towards the next step: submitting a request for funding. This relationship building phase is usually overlooked.

An important dimension in this phase is to strategically position your organization towards the prospect donor. This positioning should be in line with the scope of the donor, but also with your capacity to deliver. This session will be all about optimal positioning and building relationships that are geared towards long-lasting funding relationships.

3hrs. 30min.

Session 4 : Pitching

In every step of the fundraising process, it is important that involved staff is able to pitch your organization’s proposition and feel confident that you will get your message across. This session reconciles practice with theory to give you the ingredients for the perfect pitch in a fun way. Participants will practice pitching in the spotlights and overcome stage fear.

In this module, we will discuss how to:

  • Present your organization or program in an appealing way, in 1 minute or less;
  • Read your target audience in less than 3 seconds;
  • Leave a lasting impression on your donors using a few fundamental elements – in diverse conversation settings;
  • Use winning techniques to give an engaging speech in front of a group.

3hrs. 30min.

Training sessions available in English and French

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