Disarming Design is a new two-year Temporary Master’s Programme at the Sandberg Instituut starting in September 2020 committed to design practices in situations of oppression with a particular focus on Palestine. It derives from the long-term collaboration between the Design Department and the thought provoking design label ‘Disarming Design from Palestine’.

Building upon the relations and involvements of the full team, we aim to define what is needed to enhance the social, political and emancipatory impact of design. We will explore how design can be a vehicle for political resistance and solidarity and how to counteract oppression and injustice through the act of design. We are interested in what ways design practices can inform strategies to set up sustainable positions in politically and geographically violated societies. In parallel, we want to experiment with educational models that stimulate such practices, and set up alternative platforms that reinforce the artistic, experimental and economic independence of designers.

With an indispensable input of the participants in shaping the program, we build collective methods of mutual learning and exchange, develop vocabularies, ideas and common projects. We aim to equip the participants of the temporary Master’s programme with the tools to develop community driven platforms for organizing and learning. The program focuses on the artistic work of the participants in finding tools and strategies for resilient, collaborative and sustainable positions, with the aim to establish alternative educational platforms for design.

We are looking for a diverse group of practitioners with a design background, radical imagination and educational interests. We encourage people with non-canonical practices and those who have lived under the weight of structural oppression and are determined to counteract it. Applicants have an ability and interest in collaborative work, situated learning and in creating politically driven, experimental practices dedicated to use the space of design as a multiplier of interventions where they are most needed today.

The five Main Departments and two new Temporary Programmes at the Sandberg Instituut are open for applications until 1 April.

For more information and to apply visit: https://sandberg.nl/temporary-programme-disarming-design