Monday 29th March, 12.00 -13.00 hr

NICC Web-Table-talk: Water (WaPOR), satellite data and games
Monday 29th March, 12.00 -13.00 hr
The NICC Foundation organizes an interactive panel discussion about how this data can be used and what this could mean for the future of water management, agriculture and sustainable development. The speakers of the panel are prof. Wim Bastiaansen of Earth Observations for Water Resources Management and entrepreneur. Founder of IrriWatch, Hans van ‘t Woud, mentor/coach solving world problems using the power of the crowd, satellites and a bit of gaming – both using WaPOR – and Job Kleijn, former diplomat in water affairs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the initiators.
The NICC wants to link experience to new knowledge. This means that while everyone is welcome, this event is particularly aimed at students and young professionals.
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