“Meet-up Dutch-Kenyan international cooperation”

Stichting NICC is inviting you to an online meet-up about international cooperation between the Netherlands and Kenya that will take place on Monday 28 February at 17:00 CET/19:00 EAT. This meet-up brings together experts and young professionals from the Netherlands as well as Kenya to exchange knowledge and ideas about the history of Dutch-Kenyan development cooperation.

The mission of Stichting NICC is to make international cooperation more transparent and insightful, which we do by creating timelines. In the past, a timeline about Kenya has been created that presents an overview of the Dutch policy regarding cooperation with Kenya. Recently, a fresh group of volunteers from both countries started to expand this timeline, with a special focus on how these policies have impacted people in Kenya. These volunteers are researching the projects that were supported by the Dutch government in various fields, such as agriculture, water, or public health.

With this meet-up, we aim to bring into contact experts and young professionals from different backgrounds to share ideas about what should be included in this timeline. What were key moments in the history of Dutch-Kenyan development cooperation? What projects have been successful (or unsuccessful) and how have these impacted the Kenyan population? What experiences should not be forgotten?

If you want to attend this event, please register here or via info@stichtingnicc.nl and we will send you the Zoom link in due time.

Van 28 februari om 17:00 t/m