LeidenGlobal photo exhibition ‘Heritage on the Move’

Today perhaps more than ever before, heritage and migration go hand in hand. For many reasons, people move around the world, and so does their heritage.

Cultural Heritage is often understood in terms of local identity alone, but in fact it travels around the world, and it has done so since times immemorial. In this process people may change, but so does their cultural heritage on the move.

About the Theme
For the coming years LeidenGlobal will structure its activities around the common theme ‘Heritage on the Move’ as a leading criteria for organising activities and actions. Within the present cultural, social and political context as well heritage and migration are subjects that cannot be avoided. People and their things move around. Often they are forced by political turbulence, but most migration has other incentives. Economic reasons to migrate or to move temporarily are also important. This broad scope of issues related to migration will be reflected in the LeidenGlobal programme for the next two years. This leading theme is chosen by all partners as a common criteria for organising their LeidenGlobal activities, supporting and stimulating the production of output (such as articles, books, films, exhibitions, etc.) and for other activities.

Heritage on the Move is an exhibition of photographs provided by scholars of the LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. The exhibition itself is on the move but can also be viewed online. The exhibition is accompanied by the LeidenGlobal Lecture Series.

Exhibition on the Move
Currently, the exhibition is stationed at the Leiden Central Library BplusC in the Nieuwstraat. The first lecture was given by dr. Meike de Goede on Preserving Identity in Congo-Brazzaville, after which the LeidenGlobal photo exhibition was opened by Willem van Moort, chairman of the Board of Directors of BplusC, at 17:15. The photo exhibition will stay on display for all visitors at BplusC until April 25th 2018.

The LeidenGlobal photo exhibition has been moving around Leiden and surroundings over the past year and has been on Display at several Leiden university faculties, the City Hall of Leiden, Museum Volkenkunde, VSNU festival in Amersfoort and Lokhorstkerk during the Kunstroute Leiden. This modest exhibition of 12 photographs from scholars connected to LeidenGlobal partners reflects their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. The exhibition is also published online and can be seen here. In the summer of 2018 the exhibition will be enlarged with 6 new photographs. Stay updated through our website.

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