AMID Autumn Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society Organisations


To what extent and in what ways are Dutch CSOs challenged by the pandemic? Does this differ for different types of CSOs? And in what ways do CSOs tackle these challenges?

COVID-19 (and the Coronameasures taken) impacts all and everybody. Logically then, it also influences civil society. The question is to what extent and in what ways CSOs are challenged by the pandemic, whether there are differences between types of CSOs, and in what ways these organisations tackle these challenges. Focussing on Dutch (development) organisations, Radboud University’s Lau Schulpen and Luuk van Kempen will present the main findings from the latest COVID-19 survey among Dutch CSOs, which they carried out with Sara Kinsbergen and CBF, Toezichthouder Goede Doelen. Kees Zevenbergen (Cordaid) and Yvonne van Driel (Partin) will then reflect on the experiences of big and small development organisations. Finally, all webinar participants are invited to an open discussion. In what ways can and should CSOs deal with the pandemic? How important is gamechanger COVID-19 in comparison to the multitude of challenges development organisations are facing?

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