We all know there are plenty of opportunities for our causes waiting for us out there. But how to find the right match within the broad donor landscape? Where and how to effectively look for them and what to look at, once we think we found a good match? And finally, what to do next – how to develop a winning proposal and a warm relationship?

Not only these, but many more questions will be answered on our upcoming 2 days Institutional Fundraising Crash Course that we are so excited to present to you. The course will focus on winning foundation funding and government grants, building donor relations, organising your fundraising strategy and writing winning proposals with sound logical frameworks.

What: 2 days intense Institutional Fundraising Training

When: 28 – 29 September 2017

Why: To learn, network and most importantly – Improve your fundraising skills!

What you get:

  • A two-day training incl. lunch and drinks
  • Thorough and practical understanding of the issues
  • Tools to help you organize and improve your fundraising work
  • A personal one-hour feedback session after the training

How much: If you register before 15 August, we offer an early bird price of 998 EUR

What else: If you book before 15 August, you will be enrolled for free in our Pitch training

Come and join our course to become a member of the winning team!

Lees je bewust met OneWorld en draag bij aan een rechtvaardige wereld.

Dat kan al vanaf 6 euro per maand

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