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How happy are you? Do you know what you can do to boost your well-being? Ultimately we all strive to be happy. But do we actually know how to define it? Striving for something that is hard to define makes it a difficult task. In this workshop you will get an intro into the science of well-being.

What’s in it for YOU?
We will discuss the scientific model and how your well-being is important for your performances as a young changemaker. This understanding serves as the perfect tool to start influencing your happiness immediately! Be prepared for an interactive, energetic, positive and most of all insightful workshop!

• Tuesday 14th November
Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C
• 6.45pm registration
• Programme runs from 7pm – 9pm + drinks
Free event – Register here!

About the trainer
Hester Wiarda is founder of PIEK performance coaching. She provides workshops on a variety of topics related to improve your performance as an individual or a team. She has a passion for positive psychology and has been reading books about happiness since the start of her university years. She bursts of positive energy and is looking forward to bring some happiness to the Impact Hub on the 14th of November!

An immersive activity meant to give participants a full cycle through the scientific model in as short a time as possible.

We put our brilliant minds together to come up with breakthrough solutions!

We end the evening with drinks, networking and reflect on the lessons learned.

Why join?
Get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers and social entrepreneurs. And have a good time!

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