Crisis Communication Workshop

Our Crisis Communication Workshop helps you to prepare for media challenges during and after a crisis.

In every crisis, communications specialists, spokespersons and managers of crisis management teams are faced with unique challenges, in a world in which the public has 24/7 access to social media. To make things more challenging, a crisis rarely comes announced and will always leave its impact on an organization’s reputation. Therefore, it is essential that communications are handled effectively during and in the aftermath of a crisis. Our Crisis Communication Workshop helps you to prepare for crises and the challenges you will be faced with.

Your trainer, Michel Peremans, will share his best practices, give presentations, initiate group discussions and provide case studies. In addition, he will stage mock interviews and coach you in your communication skills. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times.

Knowledge & Skills
* Identifying and implementing a crisis communications team
* Understanding the need for internal crisis communication
* Preparing a crisis management strategy and plan
* Understanding organizational setups
* Responding to tough questions from the media
* Dealing with pressure from the media
* Maintaining effective relations with the media

Further information
Language: English
Duration: 1day
Venue: The Hague, the Netherlands

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EU 449,- Including course materials, lunch and coffee/ tea (VAT is not applicable)

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