ConnectionWorks! Conference


Join us at the ConnectionWorks! Conference on April 18 at the brand-new Experience Center in Amsterdam-Diemen. During this conference, organised by Edukans, VSO and Randstad, you will be able to submerge into the world of youth employment. Together we create social connections that work to ensure decent jobs and skills training for youth in the Global South!

Many youth suffer from prolonged and systemic unemployment, because of a lack of jobs and a prevailing skills mismatch between education, training and labour market demand. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 83% of the youth that enter the job market every year remain jobless. Of the 12 million young Africans that enter the job market each year, only 3 million end up in formal jobs. This comes in collision course with the projected global labour shortage of 85 million by 2030. On top of this comes that many of the jobs that currently exist or are created in the Global South suffer from poor working conditions.
The conference is hosted by presenter Sofie van den Enk, who is joined by Kenyan youth employment and skills expert Christine Ogola. We believe that the worldwide problem of youth unemployment can only be tackled in a sustainable and inclusive way through cooperation between governments, businesses, civil society organizations and knowledge institutions.

Together with all these actors including young people from the South, we will look at what is needed to implement a system approach and how we can work together better. We learn, experience, share, research and network with each other.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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