Basic Safety and Security Course Light

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The Basic Safety and Security Course Light prepares you for working and traveling in low risk areas.


Are you fully prepared for working and travelling in low risk areas? Are you capable of dealing with dangerous, yet low risk situations and will you be able to function optimally despite the circumstances? Our Basic Safety & Security Course is designed to prepare and train aid workers, researchers and other employees of NGO’s and government agencies for working and travelling in low risk areas.

This training course is based on role playing and interaction in simulations of real-life scenarios, from which you will learn and practice skills to help build self-confidence and for adopting a rational attitude. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times.
Knowledge & Skills

·         Security Awareness
·         Medical Accident Control (ABC Protocol)
·         Dealing with Aggression & Personal Resilience
Further information

Language: English
Duration: 2 days, including one evening programme on the first day
Venue: Soesterberg, the Netherlands
Certification: on completion of the course you will receive a certificate


Please feel free to contact us for more information.

For more information about the costs of the course please click here. Accomodation and food & beverage are automatically reserved for all participants for the night during the course.

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