Whether it is with colleagues, supervisors and board members, with consultants and external partners, with institutional donors and individual philanthropists, or even with yourself, you are constantly negotiating. Negotiation is a key skill to develop in order to better navigate and manage different interests, challenging relationships and complex processes.

In this 2-day training for nonprofits, we will teach you practical negotiation tools and insights based on the Harvard negotiation principles, through interactive exercises and discussion.



  • Recognize different styles to conflict, including your own.
  • Plan and prepare for negotiations.
  • Clarify interests and alternatives, both for yourself and your counterpart.
  • Structure negotiations and take control of the process.
  • Recognize and deal with tricks.
  • Respond to challenges arising from pressure, emotions or issues of process.
  • Verify whether an emerging agreement is a good deal.


This training is developed and presented jointly by RoutsLaeven and Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy whose mission is to provide consultancy to accelerate the performance of organizations it believes in and help them achieve SDGs.



  • € 1.125,- p.p.
    Pre-training negotiation assessment, lunch, drinks and training material included
  • May 23 & June 13 from 10.00am to 5.00pm
  • 20A Krugerlaan, Gouda, the Netherlands


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