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Loop is an independent voice for people receiving aid.


Loop's mission is to be a truly global platform for people to feedback on humanitarian and development services in their communities.


All over the world millions of people receive aid from charities, governments and NGOs. Yet those people rarely have the opportunity to give feedback about that aid and whether it is effective and truly beneficial for them.


In 2020, the Loop platform was founded to give voice to unheard people, who are among the poorest and most marginalized in the world. Wherever they are, from the remotest rural communities to urban areas in crisis, anyone receiving aid can use Loop to tell their story and shape the services being provided.


Loop uses existing phone and computer technology to allow people receiving aid to give feedback; safely, easily, and without having to be asked. People can use Loop online or on their phone using SMS. Loop is accessible in local languages, and it doesn't even depend on literacy: users can speak their stories using any phone.


The organizations providing aid also benefit from Loop, with the ability to access feedback data on an ongoing basis, so they can constantly improve what they do. Loop also provides a safe channel for the reporting of complaints about exploitation, fraud and abuse.


Importantly, Loop is completely independent and not managed by any other aid organization or NGO.

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