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Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) is an international NGO that focuses on the village of Andong, a displaced community around 20 km outside the capital. In 2006, the slum area was established due to the government evicting families from their homes in the central riverside district of Phnom Penh.
Over the past ten years, we have worked alongside the community and seen improvements in these conditions, however Andong still remains an unsuitable environment for any childhood. Thus, it is the mission of SCCO to provide the underprivileged children and families that live in the Andong community, with access to and long-term sustainable solutions in: education, family support, quality healthcare and nutrition, employment and income generation opportunities, and a safe living environment.
Our vision is a thriving, self-sustaining community that learns the importance of education, is empowered through education, and implements long-term sustainable solutions to break the cycle of poverty and reach their potential in all aspects of life.

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