Internationale samenwerking


AgriCord is an alliance of 12 “agri-agencies” from Asia (1), Belgium (2), Brazil (1), Canada (Québec, 1), Finland (1), France (2), Germany (1), Senegal (1), Spain (1) and Sweden (1). Agri-agencies are non-profit organisations for International Co-operation and Partnerships with structural links to the farmers’ organisations in their home countries. The agri-agencies cooperate with farmers’ organisations in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean for their organisational development, to improve their services to farmers, to run their economic businesses in a more efficient, sustainable and transparent way and to represent farmers’ voices in value chains and with policy makers.

AgriCord operates as a network, with a small central office based in the European centre of Brussels, currently working with 9 staff members and manages a multi donor envelope of programmes implemented by agri-agencies and farmers’ organisations.

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