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Main Tasks and Responsibilities


-To manage and develop a group of journalists, writers, art and video producers, editors and web developers.


-To brainstorm new ideas, pilot new brand experiences in international media markets and providing inspiration and guidance to his team across the globe on their brand execution.


-To build an interactive media outlet that inspires attractive, youth-oriented, risk taking creativity.


-To supervise and appraise the work of all editorial staff, broadcasters and program makers with interactive responding.


-To be responsible for operational success, strategic alignment and integration of all creative activities in the radio and websites (Persian and English), in form and content.


-To have full control over the personnel responsible for technical aspects of both radio and web production and maintenance of the archive.


-To be responsible for recruitment and approval of the payments of his team members in radio and websites within his designated budget.



Editor-in- Chief is the end responsible for the media policy, RZ journalistic independence, production and content of broadcast and have the last word and final decision in editorial matters for both radio or online. 




-Academic education in journalism or related fields as sociology, art, law, literature, etc.

-5 years experience in journalism, multimedia and editorial positions.

-2 years experience in management positions in media.

-Systematic and careful work attitude.

-Team player and having consultation ability.

-Excellent language skilful and knowledge (speaking and writing) in Persian

-Relevant language skilful (speaking and writing) in English.

-Good experience with online journalism and Computer and Electronic Data Processing.


Candidates are requested to submit an application plus CV by 9 April 2009 to Zoran Djukanovic, Interim director of Radio Zamaneh, Linnaeusstraat 35 F, 1093 EE Amsterdam, the Netherlands,


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