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ja, ik word nu lid vanaf 6,- per maand

South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP, is a non-government and not-for-profit organization based in Pakistan. In our efforts for peace in South Asia, human security is one of the prime areas of work therefore our relief efforts have gained prominence.

If you would like to donate for the affected people for camps, food, clothing or medicines, then please contact the South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP). The contact details are as follows: Address: House No. 49, Street No. 3, Shahzad Town, Islamabad, Pakistan. Tel: +9251-2614679, E-mail:   

Please, donate generously to help the victims of floods in Pakistan. At the SACP based in Islamabad, we are in touch with NGOs and volunteers across Pakistan in an effort to ensure that our donations: in the form of food, clothing and medicine reach the most deserving ones in flood affected areas.

Note: E-mail us for bank account details of the SACP. Thank you for your cooperation!"

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