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Oasis Europe training

The objective of the program is to prepare participants to facilitate Oasis Games, through deeper understanding of the methodology behind it. In other words, we aim to offer to each participant first-hand experience in facilitating, proposing and developing Oasis projects. Each participant can afterwards apply this methodology in their cities, regions, and countries to propose projects that address a place’s social and environmental problems while respecting its unique identity.

Oasis Game are two to four-day actions that invite a community to come together to cooperatively design and build a challenging project chosen by community residents to meet their needs, such as a plaza’s, parks, daycare centers, or cultural centers. It assumes a broad definition of community, and includes, if possible, representatives from all different parts of society. These may include representatives from institutions, local government, as well as people from other parts of the city. We engage community members to collectively design and build meaningful new public spaces. This game typically lasts a couple of days, and includes at least 4 meeting of dialogue with local community leadership

The training is an action learning program taking place in Holland, including three days in the community where you’ll work hands on, several reflection sessions, training materials and a day of workshops and teaching on the Oasis Game. The training will be given by Brazilian trainers from Instituto Elos and the oasis game you’ll go through will be hosted by the participants of the Oasis Holland program.

Training details:
10 – 14 june
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Spaces: 30 participants
Costs: 790 euro’s
Additional hotel costs (if applicable): 250 euro’s for 5 nights, including breakfast and diner
Elos facilitator: Rodrigo Alonso (founder of Elos)

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