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Private Sector and Development
Being one of the rare private players in the arena of development cooperation, MDF understands how private organisations operate in a competing market with many different governmental, non governmental and private actors. We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility of organisations who in addition to their own interests, contribute to the development of society and respect the principles of sustainability. We will advocate and translate this vision and approach into concrete advice and appropriate training courses. Have a look on the respective pages of the Comprehensive Assessment, Result Measurement for Sustainable Private Sector Development, and Practising Corporate Social Responsibility.

Management of Organisations
A number of our courses aim to enhance your understanding of managerial challenges and the performance of the organisation. Although it sounds very logic and obvious to manage for results, reality is often different. Information about the achievements is not correct or too late and moreover it is difficult to adjust your systems and change staff behavior in favor of more or better results. MDF will therefore offer the Result Based Management course in 2012.

Organisational and Institutional Development
No development without capacity. This logic makes capacity development a key for successful international cooperation. But whose or what kind of capacity needs to be developed? Leading Organisational Change specifically focuses on how to shape and manage a successful change process through which organisational capacity development is to be realised. Creativity in Organisational Problem Solving provides you with a range of creative tools and methods that will offer you an unconventional perspective on how to face organisational challenges.

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