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ja, ik word nu lid vanaf 6,- per maand

On the 24th of Augustus the Ceo and founder U.K. Sivanathan took the pens litterally in hands from the Purchasing Manager of @Home Mr. J. Stortenbeek, at the headquarter/office of @Home in Groningen. In return the founder gave the relationgifts/fundraising material of such as the postcards, MUSIC4KIDS V1 music album and keycords to Mr. J. Stortenbeek to show the true appreciation of Siva for Kids Foundation.

 Through this donation of @Home Company, Siva for Kids Foundation is able to launch several "Micro Projects" in Africa, Asia and South America, which will benefit thousands of very poor children in the 3rd world countries.

The goal of "PENS4KIDS" Project is to support children of primary school, whom parents have none-income or a low-income with these study-material. The board of appreciates the management of @Home with this material donation/support. This the second time in 2007 the Siva for Kids Foundation receives material donation from an institution or a company in The Netherlands.

On the January 28, 2007, ROC Amsterdam School donated computers and printer for a PC4KIDS Projects in Suriname, South America.

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