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Promotion activities for knowledge management and intensive delivery of relevant products and services have been crucial in getting the RCN accepted and established. The products were especially needed as only half the estimated budget of US$140,000 was covered from contributions from Resource Centre members, by IRC contributions, or by contributions from the knowledge Task Force that was set up in 2004.

The outputs of the RCN Ghana network are a mix of promotion and marketing actions and tools for knowledge management (KM), and products including 'blue pages', a document and enquiry service and a website.

In late 2002, four key sector organisations joined hands to form a Resource Centre Network (RCN) to promote knowledge management (KM) in the water and sanitation sector in Ghana. The four institutions WaterAid, Water Research Institute, KNUST-Department of Civil Engineering and TREND group each kept their individual work focus but together have been able to address needs across the sector.

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