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ja, ik word nu lid vanaf 6,- per maand

Now, with the current severe drought the number of internally displaced people (IDP) is reaching 1.550.000 (OCHA factsheet) IDPs in Somalia live in some of the worst conditions in the country, malnutrition rates are going up to 30% in certain areas of Somalia.

The crisis has been brought on by a deadly combination of severe drought, with no rain in the region for two years, a huge spike in food prices and a brutal civil war in Somalia, where it is too dangerous for aid workers to operate. people are walking as far as 50 miles to reach the refugee and IDP camp in eastern Kenya some are left their children in the road and some could not made this journey. HIRDA is focusing those who remain in the countries specially in Gedo, Gelgaduud and Hiiran region. those people are carrying for help from international community and somali diaspora and any other stakeholder. (picture ABC-News)

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