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When we produce too much CO2, people in Africa will suffer from the consequences and when the US housing market collapses, our economy will be affected by it. Everything is connected, but how can we see these connections? 

OneWorld brings the reader closer to the rest of the world. and OneWorld Magazine show how our lives are connected with those of others worldwide. Conversely, events on the other side of the world also affect us here. How does this interaction work? How can we influence these processes positively? What can we do personally, on an individual level? is the leading Dutch platform on global issues and sustainability. New content is published on our website daily. The print magazine appears ten times a year. Since 2016, OneWorld has an English website, which showcases our best articles, interviews and longread publications.

International network is part of the international OneWorld network, which connects media partners across the globe, in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The purpose of this network is to inform on matters of  international cooperation and sustainability to inspire those who are interested in creating a fairer and cleaner world and to stimulate the discussion of these themes in an international context. 

Editorial board


  • Lonneke van Genugten (editor-in-chief)
  • Hans Ariëns (deputy editor-in-chief)

Coordinating editor

  • Trisha Goossens (editors' coordinator)


  • Adriana Homolová
  • Edith van Ewijk
  • Ellen de Lange
  • Emma Meelker
  • Joline Heusinkveld
  • Sanne Terlingen
  • Vincent Harmsen

Event managers

  • Wayra Kowsoleea


  • Emma Lok
  • Cherylle van Kuijk
  • Fatiha Radi

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OneWorld is published by NCDO, the National Commission for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development. Opinions and views expressed on do not necessarily reflect those of NCDO. Contributions from columnists and essayists do not necessarily reflect the point of view of the editorial staff.

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