Africa Day Workshop Girls Education in a conflict country: the right way to development


With this workshop on Africa Day HIRDA raises awareness about the educational problems in Somalia that still need our attention.


Girls’ education is one of the most effective means of development, not only for girls themselves but also for communities and the wider society. Yes, international and regional attention has led to improvements, but a lot remains to be done. This is certainly true for Somalia, which still has one of the lowest girls school enrolment rates in the world. The percentage of primary school enrolment for girls is 23%, while the percentage of secondary school enrolment, with its 5%, is even much lower.

HIRDA strives to improve the well being of the people living in East Africa, specifically Somalia, and believes that equal educational opportunities for boys and girls are one of the most valuable means.


 With Yvonne van Hees (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Olloriak Sawade (Oxfam Novib), Matan Dahir (HIRDA) and Jasper van Dijk (Afrika SP) as inspiring keynote speakers. Moderator: Ineke Aquarius (co-founder Butterfly Works).


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 Interested in more information about HIRDA? Visit our stand at Africa Day in Barlaeus, Amsterdam!

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