The Social Venture House facilitates a one-stop-shop for CSR and is a breeding ground for emerging social ventures. It offers an energetic and creative working environment wherein a cross fertilization exists of business propositions, experience, networks and in the future access to financial resources.   


The SVH is a proven success story that calls for a follow-up. That is why at the end of this summer, the building will be expanded to create room for new social ventures. Three turn key new offices of +/- 40m2 will be available per November the first.  The new social ventures are small (1-10 employees) should be involved in the business of CSR and are off added value to the spirit and ambition of the Social Venture House.  


Are you inspired by the idea of benefiting from the wave of social entrepreneurship and do you believe that you can add value to this, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jop Blom at or contact the office at 020-6166166 to ask for more information. On the 10th September, there is a possibility to visit the SVH and discuss future possibilities to include your venture, starting from the 1st November.


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