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We are proud to present to you the current developments in our Just Give! Program. Dodore is starting to expand the program to another beautiful African country, Ghana. In this country in the west horn of Africa our help will be gratefully accepted by mothers who are in need of some financial support.


We started our work in Ghana in the Akwampim South district. The first 9 mothers have been selected for the program and once they will be officially registered the program will start! These women in the Akwampim South district have been contacted through our new partner organisation working in Ghana, Royal Black Queens. This organisation works on micro-credit programs in the same district and they “are in the business of helping women realize their industrial potential by empowering them with “business know-how techniques” as well as with financial assistance to enable them take charge of their economic future”.

We are happy to work with them and hope to provide a form of social protection, which supports pro-poor economic growth, and empowerment which will help to develop the individual communities of these women.

Love all. Share little.

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