Journalistiek voor een eerlijke en duurzame wereld

Over WereldOuders

WereldOuders maakt deel uit van een internationale organisatie WereldOuders/NPH, en biedt structurele hulp aan thuisloze kinderen in negen landen in Latijns-Amerika. De kinderen worden opgenomen in familiehuizen waar ze naast liefde, aandacht en verzorging ook scholing en minimaal een vakopleiding krijgen. Sommigen gaan zelfs studeren. De jongeren blijven aan de familiehuizen verbonden totdat het zelfstandige volwassenen zijn. WereldOuders is ook actief in lokale gemeenschappen rondom het familiehuis met projecten op het gebied van noodhulp, onderwijs, medische zorg, duurzaamheid, ondersteuning van arme gezinnen, etc. Door het werk van WereldOuders hebben veel kinderen kans op een betere toekomst, waarmee ze niet alleen zichzelf maar ook hun gemeenschap kunnen versterken.

WereldOuders is actief in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominicaanse Republiek, Peru en Bolivia.

Voor het familiehuis in El Salvador zijn we op zoek naar een Nationaal Directeur.

The National Director is a mandatory role for a NPH Home. The National Director has the overall responsibility for the strategic leadership and direction of a dedicated NPH Home to achieve the organizational vision, mission and objectives. The National Director is responsible for the programmatic and operational management in the dedicated NPH Home. S/he represents NPH Home with Government, Local and International Organizations in the dedicated country.

The National Director of NPH Home is expected to act as a communicational channel between NPH and NPHI. S/he will take a leading role in developing, overseeing implementation, reviewing and monitoring of the development strategy for the Home and its associated programs. S/he will drive implementation of the core programs while developing new partnerships and maintaining existing partnerships, leading new initiatives, actively leading implementation/improvements in ongoing programs, and phasing out of existing programs where necessary.

The National Director is responsible for ensuring the integral development of pequeños at all stages. Through implementing core programs and by ensuring a safe and stable environment, NPH provides opportunities for each pequeño to reach their unique potential.

The National Director ensures that organization’s activities, management and program implementation is grounded in the best interest of a child’s development. The ND is expected to ensure that children are cared for according to the “NPHI Basic Care Definition,” which includes, but is not limited to, promoting the following activities: sense of family/belonging, nutrition, physical condition, psychological and emotional stability, academic/vocational education, faith formation, and integration to society. S/he is responsible for managing the allocated Home and programs budget, for promoting local fundraising initiatives, for creating mechanisms to ensure responsible stewardship of NPH resources by staff and children, and for promoting transparency and accountability by reporting any irregularities to NPHI and local authorities.

General Management.
o Manages and directs with transparency across the different functions of the organization.
o Develops and implements efforts to reach the annual objectives defined by the Home’s Executive Committee and in conjunction with NPHI organizational goals.
o Manages toward mission objectives and established policies to guide the organization’s operations, according to the guidelines set by NPHI.
o Approves and supervises the preparation of work plans and strategies in conjunction with the home’s key staff for his/her direct reports as illustrated in the Home’s organizational chart.
o Holds monthly meetings with direct reports and key staff to assess progress toward meeting the objectives, detect opportunities for improvement, and provide support in reaching objectives.
o Engages regularly with children and staff to create an atmosphere of sharing and open communication which permits the upward flow constructive ideas and ensures that children and staff feel that their opinions are respected.
o Models conflict resolution for children and staff and promotes a culture of teamwork, partnership, and strong organizational culture
o Engages with various local and international community stakeholders to pursue future funding and/or partnership opportunities and increase visibility of the organization, leverages existing relationships to advance the organization’s mission and coverage, and cultivates existing partnerships
o Authorizes the execution of new projects based on the analysis of current needs as perceived by the ND, Executive Committee, and/or NPHI.
o Manages projects for growth in the short, medium and long term according to the capacity and expected revenue projections.

Financial Management.
o Leads and approves the three years budget scope proposal sent to NPHI in coordination with key staff and in line with NPH core programs and mission.
o Monitors and supports the development, implementation and monitoring of the quality management system of the organization.
o Authorizes checks for payments according to the finance policies.
o Authorizes salary tabulators and salary adjustments in conjunction with the administrative staff while considering non-profit sector standards, market studies, and budgetary limitations (please refer to: Approval of budget change item policy).
o Authorizes the hiring or dismissal of staff according to the recommendations of the Human Resources, Administrator, House Director, and/or other key staff in line with the mission and organizational goals.

Representation & Fundraising.
o Represents the organization with NPHI, local authorities, godparents, donors, family members of children, local Boards and external stakeholders such as media (specific situations may require coordination with NPHI Communications).
o Demonstrates accountability to NPHI as well as to any governmental entity when required.
o Attends regular visits to the different houses, where children and youths live in order to inspect their quality of life, listen to their concerns, and provide support, including those houses where students are pursuing higher education.
o In close communication with the Director of Fundraising NPHI and the Director of Sponsorship NPHI:
 Develops networks and partnerships with national institutions and leads fundraising and project development within the country,
 Undertakes diversified local and international fundraising initiatives to strengthen Home funding and sustainability,
 Coordinates the production of good quality funding proposals and respond to call for proposals,
o Oversees donor visits, donor meetings, international group visits and manages donor relations to cultivate support and demonstrate accountability on program/project management

o Develops strong and engaged local boards to increase local revenue, increase visibility, and create productive partnerships in line with NPH mission.

Knowledge / Professional Experience Required:

1) Minimum five years of experience as a director, general manager or similar supervisory position, preferably in the non-profit or public sector
2) Working knowledge of organizational management, staff development, youth development, human relations, public relations, law
3) Working knowledge of Convention of Children’s Rights, best practices in alternative childcare, history, culture, and politics, and risks in countries where NPH operates
4) Working knowledge of quality management systems, organizational development, finance, budget and audit management
5) Excellent communication skills, ability to interact at all levels, observant, respectful and empathetic
6) Comfortable delegating, overseeing responsibilities and with a clear track record of producing results
7) Cultural sensitivity – ability to interact and collaborate effectively with children, youth, donors, vendors, coworkers, and Home staff
8) Bi-lingual – language needs determined by Home

Languages: English / Spanish/ Others desirable (French, Creole, German)

Education (Academic Level / Graduated):
* Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related, Masters in Non-Profit Administration, Business Administration, International Development, Psychology or similar fields a plus

Attitudes and Values:
High personal and professional ethics, demonstrates effective service leadership, spirit of service, responsible, respectful, honest, discrete, organized, works well under pressure, produces results, manages conflict, exhibits assertive decision-making, motivational, high tolerance for frustration, strong principles and values, teamwork
Spiritually grounded in the Catholic Faith