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Free Press Unlimited strongly believes that all people are entitled to have access to unbiased, reliable and timely information. This enables them to assess their own living conditions, influence these and make the right decisions. Press freedom and freedom of information are vital for gathering and spreading reliable, unbiased information. Media play a crucial role in providing people free and unrestricted access to information that can help them develop and monitor the authorities. We want to make and keep objective news and information available to everyone, especially to people in countries without or with limited (press) freedom.
By supporting media professionals and journalists, we want to help people gain and keep access to the information they need to survive and develop.
Free Press Unlimited is currently supporting an alliance of a few independent media organisations in the Middle East committed to the highest standards of journalism and unimpeded freedom of speech. FPU has set up a capacity building/learning programme for these media outlets in order to support them improving and strengthening their output.

Free Press Unlimited is currently seeking to hire a Marketing Expert

The role of the marketing expert will be in the first phase focused on scanning the overall performance of news outlets in the Middle East, ranging from its management efficiency to quality of its graphics, content and online traffic. This will involve broad market stakeholders analysis to identify online and other media USP. The expert will have to submit an overall report with his/her observations and rating. The second phase will be focused on creation of tools with ideas and supporting the news outlets with creating and executing a marketing strategy.

• Scan the performance of news outlets in the Middle East
• Produce an assessment report with a clear evaluation methodology for the performance of the following departments/aspects:
– marketing management efficiency
– marketing strategy (if exist)
– communication efficiency
– quality of content
– existence and quality of PR outreach
– maximization of staff utility
– quality of aesthetics (graphic design)
– business growth
– online traffic growth
• Produce reports with identification of the businesses´ weak points and strong points with overall rating
• Create tools with marketing ideas aimed at operate environment optimisation and audience development for:
– website, social media
– search for Special Topics
– optimizing texts for search engines (SEO)
– creation and maintenance system of contact databases
– building and strengthening of local, national and international partnerships
– mapping and weighing of relevant events
– public relation
• Support news outlets with the creation of a marketing strategy
• Feed analysis (including ‘open source analytics) with the creation of digital data and ratings gathering and monitoring system (online audience analytics and analysis instruments) advise and support on how to set performance targets and using data in decision-making
• Mentor news outlets with executing marketing strategy
• Mentor transfer knowledge on digital and social media marketing skills
• Advise and mentor on how to monitor audience behaviour, how to understand and use results of audience research, audience engagement and digital analytics
• Assist in cross-promotion enquiries while developing a familiarity with likeminded organisations


• Fluency in Arabic and English
• MA in digital marketing
• Minimum of five years conducting, mentoring and coaching on the job apprenticeships in media industry
• Experience working with a Middle Eastern media outlet is a plus
• Experience working in consumer behaviour
• Experience overseeing management
• Experience working in risk analysis
• Minimum of five years experience tracking business success records
• Minimum of five years working in digital media & social media marketing
• Excellent work ethics and punctual with deliverables
• Business intelligence
• Excellent communication skills
• Problem-solving skills and creative multitasker
• Result-oriented
• Ability to travel to the Middle East region (if needed)

We offer
We offer a freelance contract, in a dynamic international environment with a competitive salary based on local standards. Free Press Unlimited uses fair selection criteria based on equal opportunities.

Written applications consisting of a CV and a short motivation need to be submitted by e-mail (preferable in PDF format) before June 3, 2019 to vacanciesejsm[AT]

A screening is part of the application process.


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