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A social business in Malawi, is looking for a new Managing Director who can start in June/July 2019.

We produce and sell reusable sanitary pads and reusable diapers. The business is active in the provision of Menstrual Hygiene education in schools and communities and is an advocate for the inclusion of Menstrual Hygiene Management on a policy level.

Period Poverty is a major issue in Malawi, our mission is to give access to affordable, high quality reusable sanitary pads to all Malawian girls and women.

The team of tailors and educators, lead by the operational manager, are trained in handling the day to day business.

Your role as the Managing Director is to promote the business, ensure the operational costs are covered by the sales, developing sales strategies, find ways to ensure sustainable growth, set up of new partnerships and training of the staff to facilitate their personal development.

The current Managing Director is leaving Malawi and is looking for a person (or couple) who has a business instinct and a social heart. You’ll live in the most beautiful part of Malawi, right at the lake surrounded by incredible nature.

You will have to finance your own living expenses, this can be done with some fundraising or perhaps you have a parttime job you can do by distance. It’s not hard to live on a small budget in Malawi. It’s a viable option to raise funds to invest in Supreme and pay yourself a salary.


You preferably have worked in a similar low-resource setting before, have experience with the set-up of a social business and an affinity with women’s health and menstrual health. You love a challenge, have great organisational skills and know when to be flexible and when to be tough.


  • Registered as a local NGO and as a Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • Fully functioning work space.
  • Operational costs have been covered by sales for the past 12 months.
  • Taxed as a limited business but, this might be possible to change if this is pursued, since we are a non-profit organisation.
  • MBS certification is in progress, once done product can be sold to supermarket chains etc.
  • Partnerships are established with international NGOs, partnering in a 5-year funded DfID project.
  • Social media base.


  • Set up of agent sales system throughout the country.
  • Set up of sales to bigger clients such as supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Set up of sister branch to scale up.
  • Set up new partnerships with schools and NGOs.
  • Exploring the use of more sustainable materials, including sustainable packaging.
  • Raise funding for expansion of charitable activities or business expansion.

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