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The Health Systems Advocacy Partnership is currently in the fourth year of its five year programme. An independent, external end evaluation of the program will be undertaken as a requirement by the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (MoFA). We are seeking evaluation consultants to undertake this evaluation.

The Health Systems Advocacy Partnership (HSA Partnership) is a five year project (2016-2020) funded by the Dutch government. The ultimate goal of the HSA Partnership is to enable communities to realize their right to the highest attainable sexual and reproductive health (impact). The project aims to contribute to achieving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by creating space for a strong civil society to engage effectively with governments, the private sector and other stakeholders accountable for health systems, to deliver equitable, accessible and high-quality SRHR services. The HSA Partnership envisages that by focusing on the creation of a strong health workforce, access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) commodities, and investing in sustainable structures for health financing and governance, equitable access to high-quality SRHR service can be realized. This is realized by partners through four core strategies: capacity strengthening of civil society organizations, research, public awareness raising, and lobby and advocacy.

The Partnership is comprised of Amref Health Africa, the African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST), Health Action International (HAI), Wemos, and the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. As of 2016, the Partnership has been active in three countries Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia as well as in the broader African Region, the Netherlands and at the international level (particularly the WHO). In 2017, the HSA Partnership extended its work to Malawi and Tanzania. At the end of 2018, the HSA Partnership had worked with over 400 CSOs, of which 200 CSOs participated in capacity strengthening activities in the five African countries, besides stimulating south-south and south-north learning of CSOs and vice versa.

Objectives of evaluation

The final evaluation will measure progress towards the overall goal set out in the Policy Framework by MoFA in 2016 “to strengthen the lobbying and advocacy capacity of Southern civil society organisations”. Early in 2019, MoFA clarified the purpose of the end evaluation stressing the importance of both accountability and learning.

The main objective of this evaluation is to determine the extent to which the HSA Partnership has made progress toward achieving its objectives in the contexts of Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, the African Region, Global and the Netherlands relating to:

1) Capacity strengthening of individual CSOs, CSO networks, communities, and media, and

2) Advocacy results of HSA partners and CSOs (mainly related to their involvement in policy making processes and support by policy makers).

We are looking for evaluation consultants. For further details, please download the Terms of Reference.