Summary of the opportunity:

  • You help with the daily care taking of animals in the rehabilitation center.
  • You monitor the wildlife well-being in the center and observe the various animals.
  • You assist with maintenance chores around the park.

Competences to develop and other benefits:

  • Competences: taking initiative, meeting standards, persistence, proactive thinking, project and goal focus.
  • You work together with committed international wildlife volunteers, volunteer accommodation is available.
  • You have the possibility to do research and to perform extra tasks.

Competences needed and other requirements:

  • Competences: flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, personal drive, practical thinking.
  • You have a fair knowledge of English and/or Spanish.
  • Experience or qualifications within wildlife work is desirable, but not essential.

Contact information:

  • This vacancy is from one of the many organizations offering paid employment, internships or volunteering abroad which you can find through JoHo.
  • Check for more information the JoHo Job Shop on JoHo’s website or the information page about paid jobs abroad.

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