Do you see the growing importance of international cooperation in these times of globalisation and climate change? Are you interested in international development cooperation and do you have an excellent proficiency in English? Then the NICC Foundation is looking for you (

The NICC foundation is looking for volunteers to work on timelines

We are looking for volunteers who like to work on timelines around different topics. A timeline describes the trends and developments from around the 1950s up to the present from a Dutch perspective with a focus on a specific theme. A timeline consists of text, documents, graphs, photos and/or short videos. Within timelines references can be made to items in the NICC collection. Examples of different timelines can be found on

The NICC Foundation in short:

NICC stands for Netherlands International Cooperation Collection. The NICC foundation manages a versatile collection and is committed to making experiences with international cooperation and sustainable development more transparent and insightful. NICC also wants to connect initiatives with each other, link experience to new knowledge and promote discussions about this. By doing so, NICC wants to contribute to a more sustainable and connected global society.


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