Mama Cash is looking for a Director of People, Finance and Operations, for 36 hours a week. 

This position can be filled in Amsterdam or remote

As part of the Management Team, the Director of People, Finance and Operations (DPFO) is co-responsible for the management, strategy and results of Mama Cash. The DPFO is responsible for the organisational systems and infrastructure that support the strategic objectives of Mama Cash. The purpose of the position is to contribute to Mama Cash’s overall mission and sustainability by leading and supporting seamless fiscal, operational (administration, data management, IT, facilities, etc), human resource management (HRM) and learning, monitoring and evaluation (LME) systems, procedures, and processes.

The DPFO leads and has overall responsibility for the People & Purpose (P&P) team, working closely with the Deputy DPFO on operational, financial management, HRM and organisational development related issues. The DPFO has direct management of two of the four functional areas of the team: finance & grants administration, and IT & office management. The Deputy DPFO has direct management of the other two functional areas of the team: HRM and LME.

The Director has five direct reports, supervising the Deputy DPFO, Senior Finance Officer, Office Manager, IT Manager, and Executive Officer; each senior officer leads their own sub-team. The Deputy deputises for the the team Director when the latter is on leave.


Team Leadership, Management, and Supervision

  • Leads the P&P team.
  • Stimulates good collaboration across the Management Team and between the P&P team and the organisation.
  • Oversees and manages the Deputy DPFO, as well as the finance & grants administration, and IT & office management sub-teams, ensuring that staff has the necessary tools and training to do its work.
  • Provides leadership to direct reports by checking the quality and quantity of the execution of activities and guiding, instructing, coaching and motivating where necessary; stimulates good collaboration between them and across their teams.
  • Provides overall direction and priority setting for the team in such a way that individual strengths and organisational needs are balanced.
  • Oversees the implementation of strategies to achieve P&P goals as laid out in strategic and annual plans.
  • Seeks ways to professionalise and systematise the work of the team to be more responsive, effective, and efficient.
  • Ensures the development of annual budgets with participation of team members and is responsible for monitoring the P&P team budget.

Result: The team is led in such a way that staff are motivated, and the formulated goals have been achieved.

Organisational Leadership and Management

  • Establishes long-term strategic direction, in line with the overall mission of Mama Cash.
  • Models effective leadership, promotes the organisational vision and values to all Mama Cash staff, and serves as a role model for a culture of excellence, drive for results, agility, accountability, transparency, and inclusion.
  • Ensures that all teams are working towards organisational coherence, in close collaboration with the Management Team.
  • Makes viable organisation-wide strategic and operational decisions; is co-responsible for the implementation of the decisions.
  • Reports in a timely and regular manner to the Managing Board (co-Executive Directors) and facilitates its engagement in the work of the team.

Result: The organisation is managed in such a way that organisational policies and values have been developed and implemented, results have been formulated and achieved, and staff are motivated, working closely together and have achieved their goals.

Develop and maintain the infrastructure for business operations

  • Ensures the development of multiyear and annual budgets and plans, including workforce planning and risk management.
  • Ensures the continued implementation of the quality management system (ISO) and if required further develop processes and procedures to ensure quality.
  • Ensures that Mama Cash data, systems and procedures are compliant with CBF and GDPR regulations.
  • Ensures adequate financial and grant management systems, managed according to legislation, policies, procedures, the implementation of which is done in ways that meet the needs of the women’s, girls’, trans people’s and intersex people’s groups supported by Mama Cash.
  • Ensures that the financial and grant administration is current, correct and complete and regularly reconciled with the database and bank information.
  • Ensures adequate and responsive financial, technical and administrative systems for all resource mobilisation functions and activities.
  • Ensures the provision of regular financial reports to the Management Team, Managing Board, Supervisory Board, relevant sub-teams and donors including analyses and advice.
  • Ensures timely preparation of annual report including annual accounts, according to existing regulations and accounting principles, facilitate the audit of the annual accounts by the audit firm, and presents the audit report to the Managing and Supervisory Boards.
  • Ensures an accessible, safe and secure (online) working environment in the office with relevant means (e.g., IT) and services enabling an inspiring, effective and efficient work environment for all staff.
  • Ensures that Mama Cash is able to support staff to work outside of the Netherlands, ensuring that IT and other policies, procedures, and systems are in place to ensure smooth, effective and enjoyable work flows for all, wherever they are.Maintains good relations with colleagues in the sector to stay abreast of relevant trends and changes in Mama Cash’s fields of interest especially vis-á-vis financial, IT and HRM and LME requirements/developments.
  • Represents Mama Cash externally towards (operational) contract partners, consultants and auditors.

Result: An adequate and efficient infrastructure that supports the core strategic objectives of Mama Cash and complies with laws, regulations and best practice.


  • Strong commitment to to Mama Cash’s vision, mission and values including intersectional feminism, JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) principles, environmental justice, and the rights of intersex people, trans people, girls and women.
  • University-level degree or equivalent knowledge of business administration or finance or a relevant and related field.
  • Knowledge of international development, human rights, social justice, environmental justice and/or (funding) feminist movements.
  • Leadership, management and team-building skills; ability to work (remotely) with professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strategic planning, problem solving and project management skills including the ability to stay focused on details, deadlines and delivery.
  • Knowledge of financial and IT developments and trends and the ability to translate and implement these into actionable plans.
  • Financial and accounting skills.
  • Knowledge of relevant Dutch legislation including as it applies to international (fundraising) organisations.
  • Knowledge of Dutch human resources legislation and collective labour agreements including as they apply to international organisations with staff based outside NL.
  • Organisational development skills, including for hybrid (part physical, part remote), mid-size international organisations that are in a period of growth.
  • Communications and interpersonal skills (verbal and written, Dutch and English proficiency) with the ability to interact with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Lived experience of resisting injustice and different forms of systemic oppression including but not limited to sexism, racism, homo-antagonism, trans-antagonism, classism and/or disablism, and their intersections.

    What we offer

    We offer an engaging and professional work environment in an international foundation committed to diversity, solidarity, peace and justice. The monthly full time (36 hours) salary for this position depends upon experience and is based on CAO Sociaal Werk, scale 13 (min.) € 4,157,- and maximum € 6.628,- 8% vacation, 13th month, and pension plan. Our office is centrally located in Amsterdam.

    Are you interested in this position?

    Both a letter of motivation and CV (resume) need to be submitted in PDF format in English and stating the job description, through the form on our website:

For more information or in case you have questions, please address our HR department via

Please react and send your application not later than May 29, 2022, 12 AM CET.

We value the expertise and knowledge of those who have directly experienced injustice and are working to create the change Mama Cash believes in. We particularly welcome applications from those targeted by racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and disablism.

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