1.Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is two-folded

• To develop and design the TeamUp online learning portal within the War Child Learning Platform, including re-design of the look & feel of the existing materials.
• To develop and design the War Child Global online learning portal.


War Child Holland is on a journey towards becoming a Networked Expert Organisation. We want to make sure that every individual at War Child can make the greatest contribution possible towards our mission. This will see us take steps to ensure War Child becomes a true Learning Organisation.
This process will intensify over the course of 2018 with the launch of an online learning platform for members of staff across the entire organisation – and those from partner organisations we work with. We are excited to scale our expert support to reach more children.
The learning platform will be hosted on the Kaya platform of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy https://kayaconnect.org .

TeamUp Project

The first project that will make use of and pilot our War Child online learning platform is TeamUp. This project started as a pilot in 2016 responding to the influx of refugees and asylum seekers children in The Netherlands in 2015. TeamUp has evolved from a collaborative initiative of War Child, UNICEF Netherlands and Save the Children that focused on social emotional development of children. The aim of the TeamUp program and methodology is to increase children’s resilience in whatever place they are (i.e. internally displaced people camp, refugee camp, asylum seeker centre etc.) through structured recreational activities.
TeamUp is scaling fast with the help of a large group of volunteer facilitators. To support all volunteers and staff working for TeamUp as effectively as possible we are opening a TeamUp learning portal within the War Child Global learning portal.

3.Scope of work

A few points on the scope of the work.
• You will work with the Learning Manager and Team Up Manager to build the main structure and processes
for development of the learning portal within the Humanitarian Leadership Academy/Kaya portal. Launching
of the portal happens in two stages:
o Develop and design Team Up portal
o Develop and design War Child Global Learning portal.
• You will implement the technological usability testing process of the portal.
• You will design an interactive Learning Map and templates for online learning paths.
• You will transfer manuals into an easy to use e-learning design.
• You will develop simple manuals/micro learning on how to use the system.

4.Work schedule

Anticipated duration of the assignment, between 20-30 days – between March to June.
April 19th : TeamUp learning portal delivered
April 19th – May 9th Usability testing and review work TeamUp portal
May 10th TeamUp portal Launch
June 8th War Child Global Learning Platform delivered
June 22nd Usability Testing
June 29th War Child Global Platform ready for use, support available for users.


Concrete description of each key output expected of the contractor in the context of
the assignment.

1.Development and design of TeamUp Portal
2.Development and design of War Child Global Portal

For development there will be the following deliverables for each of the above:
•Set up infrastructure by development of a future proof Technology Architecture (allocate audiences, user management process). The Kaya Portal is Moodle/Totara based www.kayaconnect.org .
•Develop simple manuals/micro learning on basic processe
•Develop simple manuals/micro learning on basic processes: enrolment procedure, learning path design, curation of (external) content, personalized learning journey.
•Implement Test Plan, implement changes in portal after testing.

Related to design the deliverables are:

•Design portal look & feel in collaboration with Communication & Design and implement in Kaya portal – in line with War Child Learning Map (curriculum) and Learning Strategy
•Design interactive Learning Map in portal
•Design user friendly and accessible templates for learning paths, learning journey, including design of badges, manuals /micro learning for future users.
•Transfer 4 manuals in e-learning design, plus develop guidance for future users.

6.Your Profile

•Are a specialist in learning and technology design, specifically within a learning management system (preferably experience with Moodle/Totara).
•Experience with using e-learning authoring tools to design learning is an advantage. (e.g. ADAPT).
•You have experience in UX / user experience design and are able to translate users needs into the learning portal design. We are looking for a creative designer who can give the portal an innovative and dynamic look & feel.
•Are able to use plain language in easy-to-use manuals.
•Basic html knowledge and video editing/ Adobe Premiere is an advantage.

7.Payment schedule

Payments by War Child are delivery-based. The proposed payment schedule for this assignment is monthly payment upon submission of progress reports on completed tasks, outlined against planned outputs. The contractor will be paid upon presentation of an original invoice.

8.Type of supervision

The Learning Organisation Manager will supervise the consultant, in close collaboration with the volunteer manager of TeamUp.

9.Submission of proposals

Applications should be submitted through (to be inserted by Recruitment) and it should include:
•A CV outlining relevant skills and experience.
•A 1-2 page expression of interest, which includes methodology and approach, a description of deliverables, and a timeline.
•A budgetary proposal including: 1) Total fee including VAT 2) Commuting or costs (if applicable). The budgetary proposal should be clear about the honorarium and the number of working days required.

The deadline for applications is the 29th of March 2018. Make sure to upload your English CV (maximum of two pages) and cover letter by using the following hyperlink:


The consultant is expected to be available to start the consultancy as soon as possible.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
The safety of children is essential to War Child. War Child does not tolerate or accept any form of abuse. This subject is addressed in our recruitment and selection procedures.

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