At Fair Wear Foundation, we know there is a better way to make clothes, a fairer way. We want to
see a world where the garment industry supports workers’ rights to safe, dignified and properly paid
employment. This is why we focus on the most labour-intensive parts of the supply chain to find
answers to problems others think are unsolvable. We partner with brands and support workers. We
take practical steps and test new solutions to show that it’s possible to make clothes in a fairer way.
With industry influencers, we push towards a new normal creating change that goes far beyond our
reach. Together, we’re making fashion fair for everyone.

Fair Wear is an Amsterdam-based, international non-profit organisation. We support our 130+
member brands with practical knowledge and guidance and verify their efforts at their headquarters
and in production countries. We have 50+ Amsterdam-based staff of very diverse backgrounds and
work with expert teams in eleven production countries.

Currently we have four internships available, you can click on an internship for more information:

Of the four internship positions currently open at Fair Wear, you
may apply for ONE internship so select the project that most closely aligns with your interests
/ field of study. If you are interested in any internship, send your CV with cover letter to
no later than 17th September.

Please visit for more information about our organisation. For questions about the
position, you may email

Recruitment agencies are asked to refrain from approaching Fair Wear Foundation about this or any
other vacancy.