Summary of the opportunity:

  • You help with collecting data of the animals in the reserve for assessing and managing the wildlife populations.
  • You record animal sightings – location, time, species, gender, habitat.
  • You accompany the wildlife reserve team on early morning game counts in the bush.

Competences to develop and other benefits:

  • Competences: adaptability, organisational awareness, environmental awareness.
  • You have the opportunity to experience living in the African bush.
  • The cost for the placement includes your accommodation, food, airport transfers, work-related transport, a detailed orientation and training with full support and assistance from the management of the wildlife reserve.

Competences needed & other requirements:

  • Competences: analysing, working together, being committed.
  • You have a good physical fitness.
  • You are interested in ecology and wildlife biology.

Contact information

  • This vacancy is from one of the many organizations offering paid employment, internships or volunteering abroad which you can find through JoHo.
  • Check for more information the JoHo Job Shop on JoHo’s website or the information page about jobs abroad.

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