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We are a global platform connecting professionals and audiences through trustworthy visual journalism and storytelling, founded in 1955 when a group of Dutch photographers organized a contest (“World Press Photo”) to expose their work to an international audience. Since then, our mission has expanded. Our contests have grown into the world’s most prestigious competitions, rewarding the best in visual journalism and digital storytelling. Through our successful worldwide exhibition program, we present to millions of people the stories that matter. Our Develop programs – including the 6×6 Global Talent Program, the African Photojournalism Database, the Joop Swart Masterclass, the Solutions Visual Journalism Initiative, and the West Africa Visual Journalism Initiative – encourage stories highlighting different perspectives of the world.

The World Press Photo Foundation is a creative, independent, nonprofit organization, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We appreciate the support of our global partner, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, and our partners Aegon and PwC.

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Exhibitions Manager and Curator
1fte | 1 January 2021

The World Press Photo Exhibitions Team is currently looking for an Exhibitions Manager and Curator (Junior) to work with us full time, starting on 1 January 2021.

The exhibitions program is central to the foundation’s impact and connects the world to the stories that matter. With over 100 exhibitions in 45 countries, we directly reach a global audience of more than four million people each year. The exhibitions program is also central to the World Press Photo Foundation’s operation as a social enterprise. The foundation is an independent, non-profit organization, and we generate two-thirds of our revenue from our activities, with the exhibition program as the primary source.

The exhibitions team currently consists of 7 people who passionately work with one goal in mind: maximising impact through reaching as many people as possible. Seeing our audiences interact with the awarded visual journalism is what makes us tick. In bringing the exhibition to as many different places as possible we can count on a vast pool of long term exhibition partners. But, we are always looking for options to increase our global presence, especially in those regions that are currently underrepresented. Together with our global partners we maximise the impact of the exhibition by organizing related side programs like guided tours, lectures and photographer meetups.

Developing new exhibition concepts is another important part of the exhibitions team’s mission. Often in collaboration with partners, we create new exhibition formats to serve our audiences with other content, such as exhibitions on the African Photojournalism Database, 6×6 Global Talent Program but also exhibitions based on our archive.

As a team, we are dynamic and flexible; we deal with last minute exhibition requests, fast production processes and short deadlines. A normal day for an exhibition team member in the office is hectic, fun, fast-paced and satisfying. Although everyone manages their portfolio of exhibitions individually, we work together intensively. As the job can be challenging we keep an eye out for each other and help and support where needed.

Your tasks

  • Account- and contract management of a portfolio of international exhibition partners and maintaining contact with these exhibitions partners throughout the year;
  • Project management and maintaining the financial administration of exhibitions partners;
  • Preparing, curating, installing and promoting exhibitions worldwide (either on location or online);
  • Representing the organization in press conferences, exhibition openings and lectures, guides tours on location;
  • Business development: identifying and contacting prospective exhibitions partners; (co-)acquiring new exhibition locations and partners;
  • Providing an active contribution to cross departmental projects such as the production of new exhibition concepts, contests and events.

Your profile

We are looking for a creative, positive, and energetic individual. The challenging, dynamic and fast-paced environment that we work in requires a practical approach, problem-solving skills and a high attention to detail. You will be a self-starter with a can-do attitude that actively seeks out opportunities, and you will meet the following criteria:

  • Relevant bachelor or master degree;
  • Minimum of 1 – 2 years experience in project- and partner management. Preferably in an international setting in the cultural/NGO sector;
  • Proven entrepreneurial skills in organizing cultural, journalistic or media events;
  • Proven team player with strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills (e.g. humor and tact) in both written and verbal forms;
  • Broad general knowledge, with a special knowledge of, or interest in, media, visual journalism and storytelling;
  • Fluent in English (other languages are a plus);
  • Willing to travel long distances regularly (65 days a year);
  • Living in the Amsterdam area or within reasonable distance.

General information
The World Press Photo Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications that can make the organization a better reflection of society.

This position is at the moment only open to EU citizens or individuals with an existing and valid work permit for the EU.

If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, please contact Laurens Korteweg, Exhibitions Director (, +31 (0)20 676 6096 or Erik Jager, HR Director (, +31 (0)6 55720076.

How to apply
Please respond in English before Monday 7 December by filling in the application form. Please submit both your CV and a letter of motivation as a pdf document.
You can start your application by clicking the button ‘Apply now‘.

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