About You
Are you committed to creating a world where young people are actively contributing to and influencing all levels of decision making and implementation of adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights (AYSRHR) efforts? Do you identify as content master,
discerning communicator and advocate with transformative ideas about how to engage and bring together youth and adult researchers, funders, advocates, practitioners using social media and other communications tools? Do you believe in collective action learning as an approach to dismantling entrenched barriers and creating new opportunities? Are you creative, ambitious and interested in contributing to a new cross-stakeholder initiative to support progress in the AYSRHR field? If this sounds like you, keep reading about the Content and
Communication Lead role!


About the Collective Action Learning Hub
Young people want and deserve the power to make decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures. It is both their right and their responsibility. But making this a reality requires youth participation at every level of AYSRHR decision-making and implementation — such that young people are engaged as partners and leaders in all efforts. More than three decades of efforts to engage young people have demonstrated that, when this is done effectively, there are benefits not only for young people, but also the adults who work with them, the institutions they serve and lead, the initiatives they spearhead, and the outcomes they seek. Partnering with young people is not only the right thing to do; it improves the quality and responsiveness of AYSRHR efforts. Yet despite increasing evidence of the multi-level benefits of youth partnership, this practice has not been systematically, consistently, or rigorously adopted. Mainstreaming youth partnership in AYSRHR is stymied by a lack of cross-stakeholder alignment, coordination, and shared learning. As such, stakeholders are calling for concentrated efforts toward collective action learning to overcome these persistent barriers and advance youth partnership in AYSRHR efforts as the norm. The YIELD Cross-Stakeholder Collective Action Learning Hub will function as a cross-stakeholder field-building entity toward mainstreaming young people’s participation as a norm that funders both expect and resource, and that institutions of all sizes and types integrate as a standard way of working. The Hub will anchor its work in a collective theory of change and pursue field defined action learning priorities within and across the domains of measurement, practice and resourcing of youth partnership in AYSRHR. This is a new initiative built on the research and stakeholder engagement of the Youth Investment, Engagement and Leadership Development Project (YIELD Project). You can find related research and tools at yieldproject.org.

The YIELD Hub is an independent initiative hosted by Rutgers. The Hub will be staffed by a core
team of three leads with operational support from Rutgers staff.

About the Content and Communications Lead Role
The Content and Communications Lead is a content master, discerning communicator, and
advocate. The individual in this role provides leadership in the selection, packaging and
promotion of Hub learning and knowledge to external audiences and develops and implements
the Hub’s overall communications strategy.

● Develop and manage content on the Hub’s knowledge and learning platforms; develop
the taxonomies of the Hub’s knowledge and learning repositories;
● Evaluate relevance and utility of Hub-generated content, analyze, synthesize and distill
action learning group results and transform it into audience-specific knowledge assets
that are of high quality, and shareable on appropriate and diverse mediums;
● Establish and implement processes for attribution of collectively generated content;
● Support design of the Hub’s knowledge and learning platforms and functionalities and
support customization of existing network spaces;
● Create, identify and leverage opportunities to use Hub learning and knowledge to
influence positive change at different levels and within and across stakeholders in the
AYSRHR ecosystem;
● Manage content development and production for both adult and youth audiences;
● Lead development and adaptation of the Hub communications strategy,
implementation plans and related budget; manage implementation. This includes all
aspects of communications, including social media, events, campaigns, knowledge
product production and dissemination, and website content;
● Identify and manage consultants and Host support to deliver the communications

● Ability to digest information and analyze, synthesize, and summarize it in a clear and
concise way;
● Experience managing multiple communications channels, including social media, to
address a diverse array of topics and audiences, including youth;
● Adaptable and driven communicator who possesses diplomacy skills, political
astuteness, and has a collective orientation;
● Demonstrated excellence in communications, particularly in writing, editing and social
media and digital platforms and be able to effectively, clearly and creatively
communicate technical content as well as general Hub work;
● Deep understanding of key actors, frameworks, related politics and practices, as well as
power dimensions in the AYSRHR field;
● Broad understanding of youth civic engagement, youth leadership development, youth
participation and engagement politics and practices;
● University degree or related experience at the intersection of strategic communications
and/or advocacy and youth leadership, international development, community
development, AYSRHR or relevant social science field;
● Fluency in English and desired proficiency in French.

If you do not meet all the criteria above but still feel your experience could be a good fit
for the role, please apply. We recognize that candidates who do not check every box can
add value to the Hub.

Additional Information
We offer a challenging position in an international working environment, with highly motivated
and qualified colleagues. The position is a contractual position for one year, with opportunity
for annual renewal. Global conditions permitting, the position may require up to 10% regional
and international travel. Compensation range is US$60–65,000 per year based on a 36-hour

We are seeking a geographically, gender diverse team of young professionals between the ages
of 25-35 years. Young professionals from countries that are not members of the European
Union or from the United States of America are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply
If you are an interested and qualified candidate, please send: a cover letter focused on
describing why this specific role and the Hub initiative are interesting and important to you.
This cover letter should also showcase your relevant experience and skills and be accompanied
by your resume. Your application for this position must be submitted via the online application
form. For further information related to the position, please email vacatures@rutgers.nl, citing the
above-mentioned vacancy number as reference.
For additional background information about the YIELD Project, visit yieldproject.org. If you
would like more information about Rutgers as the hosting organization, please consult

Applications for this position should be submitted no later than October 24, 2021. The
candidate selection process will then begin the following week with screening interviews,
followed by panel interviews, and then individual interviews with finalists.

Your personal data will be erased three months after the completion of the application

This vacancy has been posted internally and externally simultaneously.
If this is not your dream job, please support The YIELD Hub and Rutgers by sharing this vacancy in your network. We do not appreciate receipt of any commercial correspondence through the channels listed for the purposes of replying to this advertisement.



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