IOM the Netherlands has started the second phase of its Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme.
Through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, CD4D2 engages diaspora to support the development of their countries of origin.


Background Information about Host Institution

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to ensuring all citizens reach their full potential in health, contributing to peace, stability and sustainable development in Afghanistan. The core values of the Ministry of Public Health include equity, integrity, right to health, accountability and trust.
The Ministry of Public Health is also willing to reform tertiary hospital care. Considering the significant skilled human resources gap in the health sector, mainly high skilled medical professionals, and presence of a substantial number of highly educated medical diaspora living abroad, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) recognizes the key role that Afghan health professionals abroad play in strengthening the health system and the provision of health services to our nation. However, this huge potential remains largely untapped. To successfully harness this potential, the MoPH is committed to facilitate an environment to involve Afghan health professionals abroad in health system strengthening, healthcare delivery and the research field to improve availability and enhance the quality of healthcare provision in Afghanistan. Specifically, this initiative aims to utilize the Afghan diaspora skills and knowledge to creatively overcome the medical human resource gaps especially in tertiary care level by building on existing good practice, using established and effective networks and relationships where possible, and ensuring longer term sustainability through policy engagement.

Position Information

Organizational Unit/Department: Cancer Control Program, Jamhoriat hospital (GDCM, MOPH)

Duration of assignment: 2-3 Months

Objectives of Assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide clinical assistance to improve capacity of clinical staff at the Oncology unit of Jamhoriat hospital to provide quality and up to date healthcare services to cancer patients.


  • Treatment Protocols for Oncology related Problems
  • SOPs on the In-Patient care including ICU, wards, nursing care, shifting of patients and Out-Patients
  • On the job training of Oncology department of Jamhoriat hospital clinical staff

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Providing on the job training to the clinical staff on evaluation of patients through questions, examinations, symptom review, and medical testing
  • Providing on the job training to the clinical staff in chemotherapy, palliative care and day care
  • Orientation sessions for clinical team on radiotherapy
  • Assisting hospital medical team in analysis of patient test results
  • Providing technical assistance to the clinical staff to develop treatment plans for medications or therapy
  • Providing technical assistance to the clinical staff about consulting the surgeons on required procedures for patient
  • Conducting academic sessions and workshop for hospital medical team
  • Developing SOPs and treatment protocols for chemotherapy and related issues
  • Providing technical assistance to hospital clinical team on patients follow up and how to educate the patient and patients’ family of patient progress, treatment, and future goals
  • Providing technical assistance to hospital clinical team how to conduct clinical research to better serve patients


  • Behavioural
    • Strong desire to help people and improve their daily lives
    • Compassionate and sensitive to patients’ needs and concerns
    • Exhibits patience and understanding
    • Great interpersonal relations and communications skills
  • Technical
    • Experience and skills in effective teaching is advantage
    • Have good report writing and computer skills
    • Excellent team management and communication skills.
    • Proficiency with a computer and healthcare applications
    • Excellent presentation skills

Education and Experience

  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Post Graduate degree in Medical Oncology
  • Certification by The Medical Council of residing country
  • Having at least 5 years post-graduate clinical work experience
  • Participation in further medical education and/or professional organization memberships are preferred

Language Requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and local languages.

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