IOM the Netherlands has started the second phase of its Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme.
Through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, CD4D2 engages diaspora to support the development of their countries of origin.


General Information

Name of the host institution : Ministry of Justice, Republic of Somaliland

Background Information about Host Institution

The Republic of Somaliland is a democratic government which consists of legislative, executive and judicial branches. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is one of the principal branches of democracy in any elected government. The achievement of the MoJ can be seen as an immense mile stone for Somaliland government’s democracy in the Horn of Africa.
The aim of the MoJ is to provide a society where the rights of its citizens are protected by democratic, transparent, accountable and efficient public institutions. Furthermore it seeks to enforce the law and defend the interests of the Republic of Somaliland according to the constitution; to ensure public safety against foreign and domestic threat; to provide leadership in preventing and controlling crimes; to seek fair punishment for those guilty of unlawful actions; and to ensure fair and impartial delivery of justice for all its citizens.
With the technical support that the ministry requires to enhance from its current level, this assignment will illustrate the department’s coherent and steady progress of its workflow and organizational architecture after careful assessment and co-operation in all sectors within the Ministry of Justice.


Human Resource Advisor

Duration of assignment: A maximum of 3 months

Objectives of Assignment

  • Help the organization in reaching its goal by providing well trained and motivated MoJ staff
  • Ensure employees skills and knowledge is utilised efficiently and effectively
  • Enhance job satisfaction and self-actualization by encouraging and assisting every employee to realize their potential


  • Develop, design and evaluate the performance management process.
  • Identifying the right potential staff members and developing their skills base
  • Enhance staff skill and knowledge

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The Human resource advisor will work closely with the MoJ HR department where some of the required services will include:

  • Provide training opportunities (internal training) to keep employees up to date in their respective fields
  • Advise managers on organizational policy matters and recommend needed changes.
  • Conduct orientations to foster a positive attitude towards organizational objectives.
  • Direct personnel, training, and labour relations activities
  • Reviewing and updating existing job descriptions
  • Providing advice and playing a major role in work reviews and change processes
  • Identifying employee capacity development needs
  • Researching and recommending performance evaluation methods (e.g. employee appraisal systems)
  • Monitoring, reviewing and updating all HR policies and ensuring these are in line with current national legislation
  • Supporting the HR Director with various capability investigations, including grievance and disciplinary.



  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, as the advisor will be working one on one with MOJ staff and development partners.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and form solid relationships with internal and external contacts
  • Have superior human resource management skills and adherence to very high standards of presentation.
  • Meet the expectations for good organizational citizenship, which includes helping others and striving to live according to stated organizational values
  • Learn new knowledge and skills to maintain high levels of performance and build the organization’s intellectual capital
  • Connect with others inside and outside the organization to build the organization’s social capital
  • Adapt & change behaviors as needed for organizational flexibility in response to environmental conditions


  • Motivation skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Training and Performance Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Education and Experience

  • The applicant will need to have a Degree in Human Resource Management, or in any field of Social Sciences from a recognized university.
  • Extensive experience working in similar field

Language Requirements

  • English: Fluent
  • Somali: Fluent

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