IOM the Netherlands has started the second phase of its Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme.
Through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, CD4D2 engages diaspora to support the development of their countries of origin.


General Information

Name of the host institution: Ministry of Water Resources Development

Background Information about Host Institution

The Ministry of Water Resources Development is the national lead agency for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector and is mandated to ensure that Somaliland citizens have easy access to clean, adequate and affordable WASH facilities in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Pursuant to the Somaliland Water Act 2010 (Law No. 49), the Ministry of Water Development is solely responsible for water resources development and the management of national water resources. It is mandated to act on behalf of the Government of Somaliland in all matters relating to the Water Resources.
The Ministry’s strategic purposes include:

  • Development of underground and surface water resources.
  • Improvement of regulatory framework and oversight of water sector and sustainable management.
  • Strengthening capacity of MoWRD and its constituent bodies.
  • Coordination and information management of the sector in Somaliland.
  • Converting floods from forces of disaster into livelihoods.
  • Mitigation of droughts and impacts of climatic and environmental changes to national water resources.


Organizational Unit/Department: School curriculum Development

Duration of assignment: Maximum of three months


  • Review the existing curriculum to produce a unified school curriculum, with a rationalized subject matter so that it is consistent with the requirements of the national school curriculum.
  • Produce the training curriculum in a logical, consistent and progressively sequenced manner, ensuring that there are no gaps or repetition among subjects.
  • Integrate the teaching methodology input so that teachers find it easier to teach subject matter in a way that exemplifies student-centered learning approaches. Include modeling of different methodologies through the inclusion of session plans for teacher educators which walks them through the actual delivery of a session using student-centered learning.


  • Increased access to equitable education for students: The Action will continue to contribute significantly to the increased enrollment of students, by providing clear guidelines to teachers and the management of the schools in Somaliland
  • Improved learning outcomes for boys and girls in school through increasing the availability of qualified teachers in classrooms
  • Increased capacity of teachers and management at all levels of the schools to lead, manage and monitor the education system through adopting a more comprehensive and coordinated approach across the numerous projects and funding streams to the education sector in Somaliland to address the immediate, medium and long-term needs of the Ministry of water to build the foundations of a well-managed school.
  • As part of improving the learning outcomes program, the existing curriculum reviewed and revised in line with the national curriculum framework.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Develop a school curriculum, Policy framework, and minimum standards, and ensure standardization of the school curriculum
  • Review the existing curriculum related to the school policies, and assess the curriculum implementation to ensure it meets expectations
  • Ensure the existing curriculum relevance to the context of Somaliland, and be responsible for ordering lesson plan supplies
  • Coordinates with the School Curriculum Specialist to design education curriculum and lesson plans, and the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials for district-wide implementation.
  • Set expectations for which parts of the curriculum must be covered within the school year.
  • Assist teachers in incorporating new technology into their lessons and train the teachers on the continuous job training during the assignment.
  • Write grant proposals related to curriculum and instructional matters.


  • Leadership: Curriculum specialists must be able to give guidance and mentor the teachers with whom they work.
  • Communication: Person in this position must be able to clearly explain any changes in curriculum or instruction to teachers, principals, and school staff.
  • Decision-making: Curriculum specialists must be able to confidently make informed choices about instructional methods and curriculum materials.
  • Analytical thinking: Curriculum specialists must be able to evaluate student performance data, teaching strategies, and curriculum materials, and then make recommendations based on their analysis.


  • Builds and maintains effective relationships, with their team, colleagues, members and external partners, and supporters
  • Values diversity, sees it as a source of competitive strength
  • Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to
  • Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions
  • Willing to take disciplined risks
  • Honest, encourages openness and transparency


  • Mentoring skills and approaches, to encourage graduates of the program to become in-school resources to other teachers, especially new or unqualified teachers.
  • Action research techniques, through a practical project-based approach, to instill a commitment to lifelong continuous professional development and to encourage reflective practice.
  • Incorporate behavior management techniques, especially the use of alternatives to corporal punishment and other humiliating forms of punishment

Education and Experience

  • Ph.D. in Education or Candidate with a minimum of 7 years of working higher education institutions in developing and review of curriculum
  • Experience in instructional design and policy framework development
  • Experience in managing educational programs

Language Requirements

  • English: Fluent
  • Somali: Fluent

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