IOM the Netherlands has started the second phase of its Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme. Through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, CD4D2 engages diaspora to support the development of their countries of origin.


The overall objective of CD4D2 is to promote the active role of diaspora in selected sectors in four focus countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Somalia.

In each country priority sectors and institutions have been identified, in close coordination with responsible ministries and the Netherlands embassies. Assignments are for a short periods of up to 3 months and the project offers an allowance to cover costs


Background Information about Host Institution

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises on migration cooperation agreements between Iraq and other governments, including those of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the European Union. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a member of the migration Technical Working Group, which seeks to strengthen migration governance in Iraq.
Migration trends are a growing area of policy interest in Iraq following the displacement of people from areas affected by the conflict with ISIS. As recovery and reconstruction begins, there is need to consider cooperation agreements to ensure safe, orderly and dignified migration in Iraq.


Organizational unit/ Department: Legal Department
Duration of assignment: 6 weeks

Objectives of Assignment

The assignment will support the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out a detailed review of all existing migration cooperation agreements between Iraq and other parties. As part of this review, a concise brief will be drafted explaining the implementation and impact of each agreement. The Legal Department may use the material for future internal staff training or as the basis of a “lessons learned” exercise to support future cooperation agreements.
The assignment will be achieved through the following steps:
1) identifying and reviewing all migration cooperation agreements currently in effect in Iraq;
2) providing short reports on the implementation and impact of each agreement;
3) delivering a presentation summarizing findings to staff of the Legal Department.

Output / Deliverables

The assignment will provide two deliverables:

  1. Concise memos or briefs in Arabic summarizing the implementation and impact of migration cooperation agreements between Iraq and other parties;
  2. Presentation summarizing findings to the Legal Department.

Responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Complete a desk review of migration cooperation agreements in Iraq;
  • Draft concise memos discussing the implementation and impact of the agreements;
  • Provide a briefing for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legal Department staff.


  • Behavioural
    Strong legal analysis and communication skills
  • Technical
    Knowledge of international law
    Teaching experience highly desirable

Education and Experience

  • University degree in international law, political science, human rights or related field;
  • Experience in teaching is considered an asset;

Language requirements

  • Arabic required
  • English highly desirable


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