10 May 2022

The Robert Carr Fund (RCF) seeks external MEL support for its 2022-2024 funding cycle and presentation of its grantees’ yearly results. 24 grantees comprised of 81 networks are currently funded by the RCF.

Additionally, the consultant is to undertake in-depth interviews with RCF’s 5 Strategic Opportunity Funding (SOF) grantees based on a short narrative survey and establish a one off short report.

The following deliverables are expected within the first year of the consultancy:
• July & August 2022: 5 interviews of recipients of strategic opportunity funding & production of report of results for RCF donors and International Steering Committee
• September 2022: Preparation and facilitation of focus Group discussions with selected 2019-2021 grantees to evaluate 2019-2021 data collection methods
• October 2022: Review of annual survey questionnaire and tool
• November 2022: Roll-out Baseline & Annual Survey 2022
• March – May 2023: Baseline & 2022 Annual Survey data analysis for 81 networks funded by RCF
• 1 June 2023: Draft Annual Report 2022 submission

Please refer to the Terms of Reference to this assignment for more information about the RCF Theory of Change, MEL Framework and a detailed description of the deliverables.

The Call for Expression of Interest for RCF’s MEL Support is published in the week of 9 May 2022. Deadline for Expressions of Interest submissions is 5 June 2022.

Shortlisted consultants will be interviewed in the week of 13 and 20 June. The selected consultant will be informed beginning of July to start the consultancy. The consultancy will take place in the course of July 2022 to July 2023 and is renewable on a yearly basis up until July 2025 based on performance. Deliverables are to be performed and finalized in accordance with RCF’s work plan and in consultation with the RCF focal point.

Proposals from Consultants
Expression of Interest submissions should be received by the RCF Secretariat no later than 5 June 2022. The submission should show understanding of the Terms of Reference, and should consist of the following in separate documents:
• Motivational letter
• Curriculum Vitae of consultant(s)
• Detailed budget for year 1 of the consultancy

Any questions and expression of interest submissions should be directed to adietrich@robertcarrfund.org.

Submissions beyond the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

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